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TMC6 2020

School library learning commons research symposium and think tank.

TMC6 Location: Toronto, Ontario


The next TMC Symposium (TMC 6) will take place in Toronto, Ontario on Friday, January 31 and Saturday February 1, 2020, presented in partnership with Ontario Library Association (OLA) Super Conference, the Ontario School Library Association (OSLA) and The Association of Library Consultants and Coordinators of Ontario (TALCO).

TMC6 Theme: Participatory Learning in the Library Learning Commons

The work of TMC 6 will be centered on applying the Leading Learning Standard: Designing Learning Environments to Support Participatory Learning

LL Standard
Active and knowledgeable involvement in participatory learning is a necessary competence for today’s learners. Learning commons spaces, collections and tools are changing in response to this paradigm shift. Working together in groups, both virtually and in person is the new norm. Inherent in these activities is the importance of security, privacy and good digital citizenship practices as well as effective collaboration skills and ensuring accessibility for all. A learning commons can provide both the physical and virtual learning environments as well as provide the supports necessary for the student to be an active participatory learner. The Learning Commons Leadership Team reviews and revises LLC learning environments to meet these evolving needs.

TMC6 Sub-Themes

Collaborative Environments

How can both physical and virtual learning environments demonstrate/facilitate participatory learning and teaching? Where do you start? Consider Tips for Achieving Needed Physical Changes and Tips for Building a Virtual Learning Commons. How can the Leading Learning Standards help with transitions? Consider Supporting You: Implementation Guide.

Culturally Relevant and Responsive SLLC

Why does culturally relevant and responsive practice matter in our school library learning commons? Culturally Relevant and Responsive School Library Learning Commons was the focus of the TMC 5 Symposium in Winnipeg. The TMC Call to Action resulted in CSL development of the professional resource Culturally Relevant and Responsive School Library Learning Commons to support schools in this important work by providing starting points and guiding questions as well as many resources to activate change. TMC 6 provides an opportunity to continue this work. What would you like to explore, enhance, change in the LLC? Consider Ensuring and Sustaining Cultural Relevance and Responsiveness in the School Library Learning Commons.

Accessibility for All

What are the best approaches to ensure that learning, working, relaxing and playing in the LLC is accessible to all? What do you need? Who can help? Consider Action Planning: Teacher-Librarians Leading Transition in the Learning Commons to Boost Student Achievement.

Creativity and Innovation

How do you invite creativity and innovation in the LLC? How does this connect with school and district goals? What do students want and need? Who can help? How do you measure success? Consider: Action Planning: Planning and Leading Transitions to a School Library Learning Commons.

School Culture

How can the LLC work with the school community to build school culture? How can the LLC showcase school and individual achievement? How can the LLC initiate events for students and encourage participation? Why should the LLC be involved? Should students take ownership? What are the benefits and challenges?


Preparing for Research and Papers

As you go through your daily work with students and teachers over the next few weeks think about the TMC 6 theme and sub-themes and keep track of the connections you make.


When you have identified a critical need that you would like to work on, get started!

Resources to Help:

Questions? Please contact TMC Committee Chairs Anita Brooks Kirkland and Carol Koechlin.

CSL Research Toolkit

Supporting Your Research Journey: The Canadian School Libraries Research Toolkit

The CSL Research Toolkit supports school library practitioners as they explore their own practice through research.

Action Research Process for Teacher-Librarians Made Simple

  • Consider your present program and the needs of learners today.
  • Identify a target for improvement.
  • Develop questions to guide your work. Imagine how you might achieve your target.
  • Investigate what others have tried and develop your own plan.
  • Try it out, adjust strategies if necessary and keep track of your evidence.
  • Analyze and interpret your results.
  • Prepare a summary report and share.
  • Apply your findings to better address learning needs in your school library.

NOTE: Working with another teacher or a small group will enrich the process. It is always helpful to build a learning network and bounce ideas around with others.

Read more about the toolkit.

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